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Tek-Dry Systems Ltd is a very forward thinking company. As a result, we are constantly striving to improve and add to our range of equipment.

Our latest development is the Comsort 50 cullet cleaner. This machine is designed to remove lightweight contaminents such as shredded paper etc from a glass cullet stream.

Comsort 50 Cullet Cleaner

Please click here for heavily contaminated glass cullet video

The process is relatively straight forward. Two vibratory feeders convey the contaminated glass stream under our patented air separation head. Lightweight items such as shredded paper, small plastic bottles, loose paper labels etc are lifted clear allowing the glass to fall onto a collection conveyor or container below. The twin feed system will provide approximately 10t/hr throughput depending on stream composition.
The patented air system has only one moving part, the fan, and with none of the process air passing through it this creates a very low maintenance, trouble free service life.

Material before processing

Waste removed

Material after processing



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